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Even Toyota 4Runner brake pads need to be replaced once in a while. Although the entire process may be somewhat inconvenient, the vehicle owner can take comfort in the fact that genuine Toyota 4Runner brake pads have been engineered and designed by Toyota specifically for the Toyota vehicle. The Toyota 4Runner brake pads have been manufactured with the best materials designed to maintain the integrity and dynamics engineered for Toyota braking systems. Genuine backing plates are machined with precision to allow brake pads the ability to move freely within calipers producing efficient and smooth operation in the Toyota 4Runner. The manufacturer suggests TRD brake pads when the genuine Toyota parts are not available. TRD brake pads for the 4Runner cost around $95.

Replacing your Toyota 4Runner Brake Pads/Shoes - Parking parts shouldn’t cost you a fortune. That's why we carry over 2 Toyota 4Runner aftermarket Brake Pads/Shoes - Parking parts starting at $50.00.

Heli4213,2007 Toyota 4Runner Front Brake pads

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  • Heli4213,Toyota 4Runner Rear Brake Pads

    It is not difficult to locate genuine Toyota parts and accessories whether you are looking for a set of Toyota 4Runner brake pads or the Toyota 4Runner mirrors. The Toyota 4Runner oxygen sensor may be a little harder to find but it is not impossible. Using authentic Toyota parts maintains the integrity of the vehicle by replacing factory issued parts with the next best thing which is parts manufactured to serve the exact purpose for which they will be used. Genuine Toyota parts and accessories can be found from a few retailers online or directly from Toyota distributors.

    Easily compare parts, reviews, and prices to make the best choice on your Toyota 4Runner Brake Pads/Shoes - Parking replacement. Our inventory covers 14 model years, ensuring the Brake Pads/Shoes - Parking for your Toyota 4Runner is available.