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Porsche yellow brakes. How do the pads come out?

Brake improvements consist of upgrading 5 major items: Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Fluid, and Cooling. Rennsport Systems offers several levels of brake upgrades from simple caliper replacements to full 4-wheel systems incorporating larger rotors and calipers. We also have high-performance brake pads from Pagid, Brembo, & Mintex. A major part of any brake upgrade is using the proper brake fluid and additional cooling for the rotors and calipers. We use and recommend and sell Motul Racing Brake Fluid, ATE Super Blue, and Castrol SRF . The wet boiling temperature is very important for climates that see a lot of moisture, or for Porsche owners that change brake fluid infrequently. The higher the wet boiling temperature, the less moisture will be absorbed by the fluid. Moisture causes corrosion inside the caliper and contributes to sudden brake failure by lowering the temperature at which the fluid will boil. You can read more technical information about Porsche Brakes on the “” page

Porsche Brakes have set the standard by which all other manufacturers have been compared since 1964 when they started installing ATE disc brakes on the 356C. Today, the 993 TT & 997 GT-3 brakes are the benchmarks of brake performance for the rest of the world. To that end, we have several options for increasing the braking power of your 911/930, 964, 993, 996, 997 and Boxster models.

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" wheels BARELY clearing the Porsche factory brakes on a new 911 GT3

Front: Brembo’s new GTP line of Porsche Performance Braking Upgrades features a variety of improvements over the ubiquitous “Big Reds”. Available in front or rear kits for 1969 – 1989 911 and 930 Turbo vehicles, the GTP system includes all mounting hardware, stainless steel braided brake lines, high performance brake pads and the following components: Brembo High Performance Aluminum 4 Piston fixed Calipers – This caliper offers dramatic increases in both stopping power and pedal feel over the stock Porsche calipers, even the “Big Red” calipers that have become so popular. The Brembo calipers are both lighter and of higher rigidity than Big Reds, the decreased weight means better handling through less unsprung mass while the increased rigidity allows both higher clamping force andconsistent pedal response.

I am probably just gonna go with the C32 brakes it seems to be the easiest and requires the least custom work. I just thought the porsche brakes would be cool but when i came back down to reality i realized that money could be better spent somewhere else lol. In reguards to the lca issues with the bigger rotors will i have an issue with that on a 1990 300ce?