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It’s of great importance to provide normal service for Porsche 944 brakes, especially when we speak about 2.5 modifications. If you use other than DOT 4 fluid or pour less than 0.2 liters don’t expect optimal work from Hydraulic brake and clutch systems. It’s of vital importance to service brake system of 1987 944.

From Brake Lines to Master Cylinders and everything in between, our Porsche 944 Brake Parts pages bring you everything you’ll ever need to keep your Porsche’s incredible performance in primo shape – whether it’s from model year 1977 or 2008. Consider our selection of Booster Check Valves, Brake Cooling Duct Scoops, Brake Cooling Duct System Hoses, Brake Hard Lines and even rubber Brake Hoses.

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 Post subject: Re: Porsche 944 front brake calipers
Posted: 18th March 2012 - 3:15pm 

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I get it..... You don't want the 5X130 PCD.

I saw a kit on eBay.... Full 944 brake setup with ali arms. Had the single pot calipers, I'm sure if you asked they could give you the measurement your after.

I do need to check mine and soon as its pulling to one side under braking but I'm away as of Monday and I've got this bastard 4x4 I need to fix at the minute so no time on the notch and certainly won't get any time to pull my caliper of the car to measure it.


Porsche 944 Brakes & Brake Pads kick OEM brakes to the curb

Fitting Porsche 944 brakes to a pre'74 1303 or 1302 necessitates the changing of all the front suspension for that of the later type of post '74 1303 suspension (if you have a late 1303 (post '74) then you're already ahead. The balljoints are needed because of the difference between the size of balljoint between the Beetle and the Porsche 944. The Beetle balljoint has an O/D of just 15mm where as the 944 balljoint is 17mm. An anti-bump steer kit is needed to fit the spindle also but again just to make the Porsche spindle accept the Beetle trackrod end. The Porsche spindle actually lowers the car an inch or so just by the design differences between the 2 spindles. Setting the camber may involve elongating one of the hub to spindle holes.