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Front Brake Wear Issues : Mitsubishi Montero Sport Brakes

I have a problem with my 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport brake system I hoped to get some help with. The brake system seems to work fine with transmission in forward but in reverse however, when backing VERY SLOWLY (as in parallel parking speed), there is sometimes a VERY loud sound (imagine a ship's fog horn) that seems to come from nowhere and continues until you stop the vehicle. I know what I describe sounds crazy but it's the best way I can characterize the sound.

I've had it into two different shops where they pulled the wheels and looked at the brakes and neither shop could find anything.

It's quite noticeable and even a bit embarrassing when backing the car. Given it's my wife's car, you might imagine what I'm going through... :-)

As one of the most attractive SUVs out there, your Mitsubishi Montero Sport looks fantastic and performs exceptionally well. You're going to run into significant issues if your braking system wears down, so replace a faulty Mitsubishi Montero Sport brake caliper immediately with a durable part from AutoZone.

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