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Dorman W59240 Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder


1957 Ford Custom Fairlane Clutch brake pedal assembly

Performance Online's All NEW 1964-66 Ford Fairlane disc brake conversion kit is the best and easiest way to convert your classic car to disc brakes. These kits are all that you need at the wheels to make your over powered Ford stop on a dime. 60 to 0 foot stopping times are greatly increased as well as braking efficiency. Check out the details of our kit below!

All of the brackets along with the hubs are machined from T-6061 billet aluminum and then finished with a black hardcoat finish. This gives your 1967 Ford Fairlane a brake upgrade with not only good looks, but a bracket that can be held to exacting tolerances making the installation that much easier on your existing OEM spindles.

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    1957-67 Ford Fairlane Power Brake Booster Master Combo. The search is over for a high performance power brake booster upgrade for your Fairlane. This powerful, high-quality 8" dual diaphragm unit is custom made to fit your firewall and brake pedal. Increase stopping power for your classic Fairlane! Available in disc/disc or disc/drum configurations and assembled in the USA! Also available in chrome.