Fiat Brake Discs and Pads Fitting

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fiat brakes system supply by fiacom

If there is any indication or concern that your Fiat brakes may need to be replaced or if you question your brakes performance, contact our service department to have one of our certified service technicians analyze your brakes performance thoroughly in North New Jersey.

Fiat Brake Discs
Each wheel has a brake disc or brake rotor fixed to the wheel hub. The Fiat disc has 2 parallel braking surfaces; vented to help dissipate heat. It's possible for the disc to warp if it overheats and held in contact with the brake pads.


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Re: Fiat Punto brakes noisy

If I can get away without replacing some parts I will as planning on getting rid of the car by the end of the year. i did notice that the drum had some scouring and a bit of a lip on it. Would I get away without replacing it or am I just asking fro trouble.
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