AUDI RING Brake Caliper Decals

Audi brake caliper decal Audi Sport 4pcs. set 80mm + 70mm (white - red)


Audi Brake Caliper Decals Stickers Vinyl

In fact, you should never ever do this. Why? If there is any air underneath the decal at all and remember you are human. Your nice new Audi brake caliper decal will expand when the caliper gets hot and contract when it cools. This will cause the lacquer to crack and peel over time. Many people believe that this needs to happen to ‘protect’ the decal. That may be required with substandard vinyl and particularly decals with substandard glue. But you don’t need to do it with our decals. They will last forever.

This is a very specific vinyl product created with conditions associated with brake calipers in mind. We have worked tirelessly with some incredible chemists to create a high-temperature vinyl with a high temperature glue. These Audi brake caliper decals are exactly the same as the ones we fit to brake calipers refurbished in house by our technicians for our refurb’ customers. We warrant the decal for 4 years. So we are saying that they just won’t fall off, the glue is epic and the vinyl is very tough indeed. These will not fall off with a jet wash, we have tested them at point blank range.

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8 X Audi Brake Caliper Decals Stickers Vinyl

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We manufacture the best Audi brake caliper decals available in the world. Currently in white and black, red will also be available soon as this is still in testing. We should have the red Audi brake caliper decals ready around Feb/March 2017.