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in october of 2997, i purchased a 2006 chrysler 300 brand new. after driving it for a few months i realized that the cruise control light that was supposed to be on the instrument panel was not illuminating. upon taking the car to the dealer for repair, i was told that chrylser replaced the light on the instrument panel with a small light on the control stalk that operates the cruise control. i have to question whether this replacement is a safe situation. i cannot see the light on the stalk without leaning forward to see over the steering wheel hub. i would think that the purpose of the light on the instrument panel would be to constantly remind the driver that the cruise control is on. if the driver cannot see the light, the value of it is lost, and the vehicle can be operated in a less safe mode then intended by the nhtsa. i ask whether the nhtsa approved chryler's repositioning and redesign of the cruise control light. if the change did not receive the proper approval, i am asking that a recall order bb issued, forcing chrysler to install the cruise control light where it was originally designed to be positioned. i really doubt whether the current design meets federal motor vehicle safety standards. you would have received this letter sooner, but the u.s. postal service returned by letter twice, claiming the address on your web site was incorrect. thank you.

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